Behind The Unicorn

Before I start, I thought I would introduce myself. Hi 🙂 I’m Julia. Lover of all things purple, edible, and of course, unicorns. Some people say that food is fuel, but for me, food is life. I’m always thinking about my next meal, and I eat to ENJOY rather than eat to stay alive. Food has to be fun, colourful and enjoyable!

Now, I must warn you, this won’t be a beautifully written blog. It will most likely be a brain dump of ideas and badly taken photos off my phone, but hey! It’s all about the food.

My aim is to put my own spin on recipes to make them either simpler, healthier or just a little different! I’m also keen on providing options for dairy free, gluten free or vegetarian unicorns. I’m just starting out, so my ideas might be a little all over the place for now but oh well, it’s all part of the process.

Now, what to cook first…


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