About Me

Hi 🙂 I’m Julia. Lover of all things purple, edible, and of course, unicorns. I’m a travel addict, bootcamp junkie, nerd, aspiring gardener, the list goes on…

But above all, I love FOOD. I love thinking about food, talking about food, cooking food and eating food.

I’m about 6 months into my health journey, where I started consciously thinking about what I put into my mouth and using food to nourish rather than just fill up. I’ve also been doing bootcamp (LOVE IT) during this time and walking as much as I can. I started yoga a few weeks ago too, but still not sold.

Anyway, back to food. It’s been a rollercoaster so far, and I’m learning new things every single day about both food and myself, like how I feel after I eat certain things and what feels better, what makes my skin better or worse etc

This blog is going to mostly be recipes that I’ve adapted from conventional meals or just my own spin on things to make them either simpler, healthier or just a little different! I’m also keen on providing dairy free, gluten free or vegetarian options where possible.

So check them out, enjoy, and let me know if you make anything! We are all on a journey, constantly growing, learning and improving, so I’m always open to feedback and suggestions 🙂